How to use lavender in the kitchen


The lavender It is a plant of small lilac flowers that comes from the Mediterranean and has always been used in cosmetics and perfumery taking advantage of the qualities of its essential oils and providing these products with a very pleasant smell. But it also has other uses, and the one that has proliferated in recent times is the culinary, deeply rooted in the best kitchens. But being a plant so smelly and bitter taste, you have to know how to use it for this purpose, so in we are going to tell you how to use lavender in the kitchen and that you are surprised with its results.

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Before using lavender for the kitchen, make sure it has not been sprayed with pesticides and the best way to do it is to you grow it at home. It is very simple: acquire the seeds in any nursery and plant it in a small pot to be able to use it at any time. However, you can also buy it in stores where they provide us with the assurance that they have not been sprayed with these chemicals.

In we tell you how to plant lavender in case you choose this option.


You can use it fresh, though its most common culinary use will be dry. To dry it, spread its flowers on a flat platform and let them dry or place the plant down to facilitate drying. It is important that you remember that your flowers have to dry in the shade and at a temperature that does not exceed 32 degrees so that their alcohol does not evaporate and lose their essences and their different properties. This may take a couple of weeks for it to be ready for consumption. Depending on each dish, we will use it fresh or dried.


It will surprise you if you use it to complement other herbs such as rosemary, thyme or sage, since lavender is a relative of these and combines perfectly. If you want to season a bird like chicken or turkey, use a bunch with the mixture of these plants and you will see what result you get. It also marries very well with fennel and oregano.


Since its taste is somewhat bitter and its smell is very strong, you have to use it in small quantities. An excess of this seasoning could give your dishes an unwanted aroma of perfume, so it is recommended that we season our dishes with very small amounts or by combining it with other herbs as we have mentioned before.


Lavender can be used as an infusion, has a good taste and produces calming effects, for example in the face of a headache; It is also very good against insomnia and anxiety, in addition to helping the elimination of gases.

As you can see, it has many advantages that you might not know. You can also add it in other infusions to combine different flavors in one.


The use of lavender in the kitchen It gives us a lot of play, not only flavoring foods but decorating them. And with a lavender flowers we can decorate a dessert Dairy and change its appearance. Serve a glass of champagne with one of its flowers and it will change your presentation considerably.


You can give it use lavender in the kitchen for baking two ways:

  • Add some of its flowers to the sugar jar and save it. So sugar will always be prepared with a scent and a lavender flavor that you can add to your cakes, cookies or cakes.
  • You can add lavender to the flour and make any dough with which you will give a very aromatic result to your buns and cakes.

If we chop the lavender flower when it is dry, we can take out a powder that serves as seasoning for more elaborate dishes, where we sprinkle it in salads, in pasta or in soups and creams.


As a last idea we recommend you elaborate lavender vinegar. To do this, lower the vinegar beforehand with water and add some fresh lavender flowers and keep it closed two weeks before consuming it. We can leave the flowers inside the bottle and we will always have the flavored vinegar for use. From there, we can sprinkle our salads, vegetables or baked fish, you will see how juicy you have left and what aroma they give off.

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