How to make homemade cronuts



Have you tried the cronuts And you want to learn how to make them at home? The latest fashion in pastry is breaking with all the molds, because the cronut is a mixture of two of the most demanded sweets, croissant and donut. If you have not tried it yet now is the time, you will only need to gather all the ingredients and have some time. Keep reading this article and discover how to make homemade cronuts.

More than 2 hours Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 70 ml of milk
  • 70 ml of hot water
  • 20 g fresh yeast
  • 200 g of butter
  • 500 g of force flour
  • 70 g of sugar
  • Sugar to decorate
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To start making homemade cronuts you must take a bowl and pour into it milk, water and yeast. Mix everything well until all the ingredients have been integrated. When you have it, reserve it for later and take another snake.

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In this second container you must mix the flourpreviously screened with the sugar. Then add the butter and beat it all. It is advisable that the butter is at room temperature to make it easier for you to mix it with the flour. If you wish, you can add a pinch of salt.

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Now is the time to put together both mixtures. For this, it is recommended that you use your hands. If you have electric rods you can use them but, as soon as possible, knead manually. Gradually pour the liquid mixture to flour, sugar and butter and knead until a consistent dough is obtained. If you knead on the table remember to sprinkle some flour so that it does not stick. The dough will be ready when it stops sticking in your hands.

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When you have the dough ready, make a ball, put it in the bowl you used before, cover it with a clean cloth and leave it stand for 2 hours. After the time, knead it again, make a ball and make a cross cut over it. Now, with a roller, stretch the dough following the cross. We do this because we have to fold the dough several times, as we do with the puff pastry.

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So, when you have the dough stretched in the form of a cross, bend the ends and stretch again by moving the roller in the same direction so that it is elongated. Now, take one end and take it up to a little more than half to return to fold the dough, take the other end and pass it over the first. Thus we fold the dough into two parts. Folded, wrap it with plastic wrap and leave it stand 2 more hours.

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After time, remove the transparent paper and stretch the dough again. Now you can take a round mold and cut the cronuts. Remember that you must give it a donut shape, with a hole in the middle, so that they are authentic. When you have them all cut, place them on a tray, cover them with a clean cloth and let them stand for 1 hour to increase their volume.

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After the hour of rest, it is time to fry them. To do this, take a pan with plenty of oil and fry the cronuts on both sides, until golden brown. When you have them all, sprinkle on top and sides sugar. If you wish, you can use vanilla sugar to add a touch of flavor.

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You can leave the homemade cronuts as is or make a delicious custard cream. Follow the steps in our custard recipe and bathe the top of the cronuts in it. This candy is characterized by being covered in cream only on one side, not complete. You can also use molten chocolate. And ready! You already have your homemade cronuts finished If you want to fill them with cream or chocolate, you will need a pastry bag with a very fine nozzle, prick the cronuts with it and introduce the cream.


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