How to make a Santa Claus with Strawberries and Cream


Christmas is coming and one of the most original desserts you can do is this one that we propose. Strawberries with cream in the form of Santa Claus. You will see that it is a very easy and original dessert, which will delight your guests. Follow the instructions we give you carefully and you will see how to get an excellent and innovative poster.

30 minutes Medium difficulty Ingredients:
  • Fresh strawberries
  • 200 grams of cream
  • Pastry bag
  • Chocolate chips
  • Round tip knife
  • Anis pearls
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The first thing you should do is go to the greengrocer and buy fresh strawberries and as large as possible.


Then clean the strawberries and remove the tail that is in the upper area of ​​the strawberry. To clean the strawberries you can put them under a tap of water at low pressure and cleaning them with your hands.


Take the clean strawberries and cut them by two pieces, 70% of the strawberry should be in the base and the next 30% you should cut it and separate it from its other half. After having the strawberries in two pieces we will empty the center of the base of the strawberries, we can do it with a knife or with a spoon.


On the other hand we will have bought in a whipped cream pastry, you can do it at home but it will be difficult for you to look as good as the bakery, with 200 grams will be enough, we will put it in a pastry bag.


Once you have the cream on the sleeve, we will fill the strawberries with cream, be careful not to fill it much or little look at the image, how it should look.


To start decorating the santa claus made with strawberries and cream we must put the shell of the strawberries and we can decorate with a little cream, to finish the decoration we put some beads on top of the cream points that we have placed in the central part of the base of the strawberry.


To finish this original dessert you can put some cream on the part of the hat of the strawberries and another pearl aniseed, you can also put two chocolate chips in your eyes. And that's it! To enjoy this Original Christmas dessert. Here we leave you another original dessert, the Christmas log or a mint meringue.

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