How to make coffee with butter


A new way of breakfast is sweeping the United States. Its about coffee with butter or, as its creator Dave Asprey has baptized, "Bulletproof coffee"whose literal translation would be" bulletproof coffee. "It is a new food concept based on the premises of the Paleo diet where only fresh and natural products can be consumed, without the intervention of man and of which Asprey is a faithful follower.

This Silicon Valey businessman went to meditate on Tibet in 2004 and that is where he got this miraculous breakfast that the Tibetans had every morning to start the day full of energy and vitality. In this article we are going to tell you how to make coffee with butter and, in addition, we will tell you the benefits attributed to it and how, in theory, it can help you lose weight.

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To make coffee with butter The first thing you should know that does not serve any type of butter that we can find in the supermarket but that the one we buy should be organic or, at least, that comes from grass-fed animals; In addition, coffee should be black and free of toxins, so it is also recommended that it be organic. Another of the essential ingredients of this miraculous drink is coconut oil or any other medium chain triglyceride oil (MCT).

With these three ingredients we are ready to start preparing the Bulletproof coffee, a much creamier drink than regular coffee and that requires the use of high quality ingredients and, all of them, of organic origin Well, just like that, you make sure you're eating foods free of toxins and chemical compounds.


To prepare your coffee with butter you will have to gather the following list of ingredients that, easily, you can find in organic stores or that sell organic products. In the usual stores or supermarkets it will be more complicated that you can get this kind of essential ingredient for the preparation of this drink. You will need to:

  • Organic butter: above all it must not contain salt nor be one that is included in the products "light" or "0% fat" or, much less, margarine. We are looking for a free grazing animal product that provides us with the nutrients we are looking for.
  • Organic bean coffee: It is essential that it is organic to be able to take advantage of its nutrients and ensure that it does not contain undesirable toxins for our body.
  • Organic coconut oil: This third ingredient gives us a lot of energy and is the one that will help us lose saturated fat, as we will discuss in section 5 of this article.

Now let's start preparing this recipe. To do this, we will have to prepare 1 cup of coffee with filtered boiling water and add 2 and a half tablespoons of the organic coffee bean we have bought. When the coffee is ready, pour it into a suitable blender container and, here, we must add 1 large tablespoon of butter and 1 tablespoon of organic coconut oil.

The next step consists of Blend all ingredients for about 20 or 30 seconds until you notice that a more creamy texture appears, such as when some foam appears on the top of the coffee. When it is like this, you just have to serve it in a cup and enjoy your succulent breakfast. If, even so, you would like to sweeten the flavor, only the use of stevia is recommended.


Now you know how to do coffee with butter but for you to understand the basis on this food trend below we will detail the Benefits that Dave Asprey has attributed to this type of breakfast and, thus, you will understand why it has become so popular.

More concentration

The caffeine that coffee contains gives you mental agility and if, in addition, we combine it with the benefits of coconut oil we get a drink that stimulates brain processes making it easier to concentrate for longer. However, this data is not scientifically proven, at the moment, it is only based on the experience of Asprey himself and the first adherents to this drink.

Rich in healthy fats

Among the good foods for the organism are the healthy fats that we find in foods such as, for example, olive oil, avocado, nuts, and so on. This drink, containing butter and coconut oil, is also rich in this type of fat that helps prevent neurodegenerative, heart disease and, in addition, give us a great amount of perfect energy to start the day.

More energy

This type of coffee, because it contains a high contribution of fat, slows the absorption of caffeine in our body, getting the energy to be released for a long time throughout the day. In addition, when mixed with coconut oil fat, ketones are produced, a type of substance that the human body creates when fat is transformed into energy and not carbohydrates.

Satiating power

Another benefit of coffee with butter is that, because it contains such a large caloric intake (a cup is approximately 456 calories) you do not need to eat anything else or fill your stomach with more food until well after lunch time so you will get Start the day satisfied and full of vitality.


Another benefit that is being attributed to Buttered coffee is that it helps you lose weight. With this issue in we want to be very cautious because there is no scientific evidence to support this theory but, rather, the experience and knowledge about food indicates the opposite. A single cup of this type of drink contains 456 calories so how is it going to help us lose weight?

The creator of Bulletproof Coffee defend this theory indicating that this type of coffee induces ketosis, that is, the metabolic state in which saturated fat is taken as a form of energy by not having carbohydrates in our body. So, here we find one of the first premises to lose weight with coffee with butter: we can't eat carbohydrates during the day.

This premise is totally consistent with the diet on which it is based, the Paleo diet, a type of food in which only natural foods that have not been intervened by man are consumed; In this article you will find more detailed information about the Paleo diet. Therefore, if you are not a follower of this diet you will find it difficult to lose weight by drinking this type of coffee because, surely, during the day you will drink carbohydrates.

Asprey was inspired after his trip to Tibet, as we have already pointed out, where he saw how many Tibetans start the day with tea and yak butter but, unlike them, in our society we are not at the same altitude as them, nor do we have a routine of walking through those mountains nor do we have a routine similar to these monks, rather the opposite. So if our day is going to take place in front of a working computer, coffee with butter will hardly help us lose weight.

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