How to make sugar-free plum jam


Plum is one of the most used fruits to make jam. And it has a pulp with a very suitable texture to prepare this type of recipes. In addition, it is also a fruit with a certain sweet taste, which makes it not necessary to add as much sugar or other sweeteners in the event that sugarless plum jam is to be made, well because it is not You want to get fat, you are diabetic and it is better to use a different sweetener although in well-measured doses, or you must follow a diet in which the amount of sugar that is ingested is controlled quite a lot. Whatever the reason, with this fruit you can make a rich jam without having to use sugar.

From, we will explain step by step everything you need and how to make sugarless plum jam, but using stevia, so you can take it whenever you want and prepare it at any time you feel like it.

4 people 45 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 800 grams of plums
  • 2 grams of agar agar
  • Stevia
  • 200 grams of water
You will need to:
  • A knife
  • A pot or large casserole
  • A wooden spoon
  • A bowl or bowl to dissolve the agar agar
  • A jar or jar to store the jam
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The first step is to catch plums and peel them well so that no skin remains. However, even if you are going to peel them, it is convenient that you wash them beforehand in case there is any rest left. You also have to remove all the bones.


When you have all the peeled and pitted plums, the next thing you should do is cut them in half. If they are very large you can make four pieces.


Take a pot, add in it the water and chopped plums. Put it on the fire with a high temperature. When you see that the water breaks to boil, you have to lower the heat to a medium temperature so that the water cooks for about 20 minutes. It is important to cover the pot or casserole.


After 20 minutes, lift the lid and check if the fruit is soft. If not, let the pot continue to fire until you see that the plums are soft and they melt by themselves just by pressing them a little with a spoon.


Once the soft plums are there, start to prepare agar agar. You just have to dissolve it in a bowl with a little water. When it is dissolved, it is added to the pot with the plums, stirring with the spoon so that it is distributed well.


The pot with the plums and the agar agar has to continue cooking for a few 5 minutes, while it is being incorporated stevia slowly. Likewise, it is necessary to stir so that everything mixes well.


Once you have it, remove from the pot of fire and let it cool a little so you can try it in order to know if it has the right sweetness. If you want the most sweetened sugar-free plum jam, you have to add a little more stevia, putting the pot back on the heat and stirring well. Now that you know how to make plum jam without sugar but using stevia, you just have to let it cool well before pack it and consume it.

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  • Plums have to be weighed with the skin already removed and without the bone.
  • The agar agar is used as a natural thickener, is extracted from the algae and, in addition, allows to use less amount of sweetener.
  • The amount of stevia varies depending on the equivalence indicated by the manufacturer. It is important to look at the indications of the product because some brands of stevia include other ingredients that can influence sweetness. The amount to put is the equivalent of about 300 grams of sugar for this amount of plums.
  • This recipe can also be done without removing the skin from plums. In this case, the first step will always be to wash them very well.
  • If you have left the plum jam without sugar too sweet, it can be fixed. Pick up a few more plum beads and do the whole process the same, but without adding agar agar and stevia. When you have them already soft, add them to the pot with the rest and mix well. Thus, the sweet taste, having more fruit, will be less noticeable.
  • Do not dissolve the agar agar in the water before adding it to the pot because it will begin to thicken, so do it at the right time.